SQL Backup Script

I make the following scripts to do a Backup for Microsoft SQL Server then compress it using RAR and after that it will be sent to an FTP Server

1. Create folder Named C:\backup and all backup will be there

2. Create the Backup File which will backup all user database and will be named as backup.sql


exec expressmaint
   @database      = 'ALL_USER',
      @optype        = 'DB',
         @backupfldr    = 'c:\backup\db',
         @reportfldr    = 'c:\backup\db',
         @verify        = 1,
         @dbretainunit  = 'days',
         @dbretainval   = 1,
         @rptretainunit = 'weeks',
         @rptretainval  = 1,
         @report        = 1

3. Create FTP Send Command to Send the Data to Remote FTP Server - you shall have access to FTP Server The Following example user Name: SQLuser and password SQLpassword


user SQLuser
cd DatabaseName
mput *.rar


4. Creating the Backup Command File, which will Backup the Database using the (backup.sql) Generate a compressed backup file using Date and Time, after that sending the Files to the remote server using (ftpsend.ftp) and after it fininsh it will delete the RAR,BAK files.


md c:\backup
md c:\backup\db
sqlcmd -S . -i backup.sql
rar a -r c:\backup\backup.rar c:\backup\db\*.* -ag+YYYYMMDDHHMM
ftp -n -s:ftpsend.ftp ftp.hostname.com
del c:\backup\*.rar
del c:\backup\*.bak /s

5. Download RAR.EXE, UNRAR.EXE from http://www.rarlab.com and put it on the same directory for the script or backup folder.

6. Test your Backup by executing the Command doBackup.bat

7. Schedule your backup using Windows Scheduling by running "taskschd.msc" or from Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Task Scheduler

8. Follow the steps on the schedule for the backup procedure