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PFC My Framework

The Login screen 
This is if I change the language to ARABIC
will I did not translate everything yet but still that in progress.

Multi profile is really important for several database connections like if you separate branches databases or history like every year in different database, or having local and HQ connections.
This if I want to make the settings for the application or create a new Database connection profile by clicking ... button behind the profile selection

After logging in, the frame shall have some important indicators in the status bar which is as following:
As for arabic user the Hijri date service is very important which I make it using windows calendar services for multi calendars.

The navigation using extended tree view services output is amazing here how it looks like:
I added the count of orders on each Customer name, also the total amount of order under each order number

Universal Search service I created using union SQL command will find any data in the system.